E-Invoicing with SAP Document and Reporting Compliance

Sending e-invoices to public customers (B2G) has been mandatory in Germany since November 2020. There are few exceptions to this requirement. Small businesses are just as affected as large corporations - invoices of €1,000 or more must be sent electronically.

The Growth Opportunities Act passed by the Bundestag now also makes electronic invoicing mandatory for services between German companies. The legislative process is not yet complete. The Bundestag has already approved the Growth Opportunities Act, but the Bundesrat has not. A mediation committee is currently in place. According to the current draft, invoice formats that comply with the EU Directive must be used in accordance with the B2G obligation.

From 01.01.2025 every company in Germany must be able to receive e-invoices. Sending e-invoices will also become mandatory in stages.

In this whitepaper, Nicolas Cibusch provides an overview of the legal background, explains what an e-invoice is, and shows how SAP Document and Reporting Compliance (DRC) eases the transition.

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