Success Story: Dialogue with Audi

MEXabat and Audi México Working Together to Include Virtual Reality (VR) in Automotive Processes

The past months, Audi México and MEXabat have worked together to develop a prototype scenario of automotive security process, here we are sharing some of the insight of the project.

Interview with Juan Pablo Moreno, Process planning & Logistic information (M/PL-11) at Audi México.



Why have you decided to start using virtual reality for your projects?

Audi México:
Audi México as an innovative car producer wants to use new technologies to obtain efcient processes in order to reduce time and costs. An example of these technologies is the VR. VR applied to trainings is a completely new experience. In a simulated environment, the user can interact with all the elements of a real process in a controlled and secure area with the opportunity to use the same area to simulate diverse processes, optimizing the space for the trainings.


Do you believe it is important to be a pioneer in the implementation of VR in automotive processes? If so, why?

Audi México:
Audi México is constantly searching the continual improvement in all its processes, this includes the trainings of our employees and to count with the most advanced tools to reinforce the trainings and guarantee the knowledge of our workers has the most importance.


Which advantages have you noticed since using VR in your current processes?

Audi México:
In real life for some trainings is not always possible to recreate all the different scenarios but with VR these simulations can be more exible. For example, the use of VR training focused on accidents prevention would help to raise awareness among the employees regarding the injuries that they could have when their activities are not done properly. A VR training is a more pleasant and enjoyable experience for the current generation of employees. Therefore, the employee has benets such as higher level of engagement, understanding and a better retention of information.


Is there any other functionality or process at Audi México that could be developed or improved trough VR?

Audi México:
Currently we are identifying which other processes could be developed in VR to take the most advantage of this technology. On the other hand, the traditional training could be more effective in some other processes.

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