Test Automation Starter Package

Take your test phases to the next level with the abat Test Automation Starter Package

Are your test phases taking up capacity and taking too long?

In an agile world, release cycles are shortened, but the test effort remains the same:

  • Regression testing requires many people
  • Test lifecycle is often underestimated
  • Choosing the right tool is a challenge
The value of test automation
  • Time savings through automation
  • Prototype as template for future test cases
  • Early detection of errors
  • Increased employee availability
  • Shorter release cycles

abat is one of the leading SAP service providers for the automotive and manufacturing industry in Germany.

Our many years of experience in application lifecycle management offer an optimal transfer of knowledge for the design of your test management, including automation.

Here is how we do it:

  • Understand your organization's needs and context
  • Evaluate appropriate tools
  • Create a test automation concept
  • Define and develop a prototype

This is what we deliver:

  • Test automation design and implementation
  • Test automation prototype
  • Initial training for key users
  • Test automation training materials

From as little as 15.000 €*

*based on a maximum of 10 days for the prototype

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The Test Automation Starter Package

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