NIS2 workshop

Why run a workshop on NIS2?

Many organizations are currently uncertain about the impact of the NIS2 Directive on them.  
The implementation by German legislation is still ongoing. Even if a final decision has not yet been made, organizations would be well advised to address the issue at an early stage.  

At first glance, it is not immediately clear whether and to what extent an organization may be affected by the directive. We can help you with an initial impact analysis and give you the opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive.

What is the process for a NIS2 workshop?

We work with you to determine if you are affected by the NIS2 Directive and what actions you need to take to comply.
We review the existing information security organization and perform a gap analysis. We use the NIS2 requirements as a benchmark. We document the results in a report. We can also help you implement the measures identified.

Why should you choose abat?

abat offers you consulting services in this area so that information security can be promoted in your company, and you are well prepared for certification or audit processes. Our consultants are licensed as ISO 27001 auditors by DEKRA Certification GmbH.

Years of experience and regular training in this area ensure that we are up to date with the latest standards. Our goal is to make you aware of IT risks and to prepare you for an audit.

Free initial consultation to analyze your needs

During the first meeting, you define your initial situation with us and we clarify initial questions. This meeting is free and non-binding.