new@abat - welcome to the team

Last week, the new@abat week took place in our Bremen office for our new colleagues. Through presentations by employees from different areas, an introduction to SAP, a joint dinner and many networking opportunities, we want to make it easier for our new colleagues to get started in our team.

Welcome to the team - Fabian, Yves, Martin, Christoph, Sinan, Ivan, Anna, Jelle and Boris!

We asked our new team members what they thought of the new@abat week:
Jelle's conclusion after this week: "With new@abat, you feel directly welcome and part of the company." 😊 

Christoph says: "The interactive flow of the week makes me feel very well prepared for the start-up period!"
Sinan finds, "I perceived the week very positively. The atmosphere is relaxed, all questions are addressed and the various presentations provide helpful info."

That sounds like a successful start.

Thanks also go to Simon and Christina, who took great care of the new colleagues.