Whether in the context of a student job, an internship, a dual study program or a thesis, there are many ways in which we can find each other.

We provide an extensive mentoring program for your optimal support and integrate you into the projects and teams from the beginning. Our goal is to grow together, which is why our students usually stay with us even after graduation 😊

What awaits you

When selecting your activities and topics, we make sure that they match your personal skills and interests. You will take on tasks from the day-to-day business as part of the team or deal with a special topic in depth.

As a Bachelorand/Masterand, we will jointly select a topic that fits your preferences and will always be there for you with advice and support.

No matter if you are interested in SAP or if your heart beats for the development of new software, we will definitely find something for you! We offer you insights into our daily business and at the same time give you the opportunity to deal with topics that really interest you.

abat locations across Germany:

Current topics you can familiarize yourself with include the SAP Analytics Cloud, setting up processes in SAP systems, digitizing document processes, or using a document management system.

abat in St. Ingbert:

We also offer you a wide spectrum in which we offer tasks in the areas of frontend and backend, as well as in the areas of requirements engineering, testing, design and support. To keep up with the times, we are constantly developing and exploring new technological areas.

Of course, there is more to us than just IT:

We are constantly developing, which means we always have exciting tasks in administration and accounting that want to be mastered.

Do you want to contribute your ideas and become part of the crew to move the ship forward together?

Then discover our vacancies in our job portal!


Working student
St. Ingbert

WORK-LIFE-BALANCE is very important at abat. Thanks to flexible working hours and a great team, you can combine work and university very well.


Student apprentice

Despite the professionalism that abat AG displays to the outside world, it became clear to me during my first few days that this does not have to be a contradiction to fun, friendliness and relaxed interaction among colleagues. The flat hierarchies ensured that I felt comfortable as an intern and like a full member of the team right from the start.


Digital Marketer

Before I started here, I was already told quite a bit about abat. In the meantime, I can confirm it firsthand: The company is characterized by a modern way of working in which everyone can contribute equally and is also listened to. The team is open-minded and always ready to help.