How the e-accounting of SAS Automotive meets the requirements of the Mexican tax authority

For the German supplier SAS Automotive Systems in Mexico, abat Mexico has adapted the e-accounting to the new legal requirements of the Mexican tax authority Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT). With the new solution, SAS is now able to inform its tax authorities about its - financial figures smoothly and remains flexible and efficient.


  • all companies in Mexico have to inform the tax authorities about specific financial figures
  •  SAP systems cannot generate financial data uniformly


  •  abat in Mexiko,


  • adjust e-accounting to the requirements of the Mexican tax authority
  • do not interfere with existing SAP structures and templates


  • system analysis and preparation for connection
  • „bridge solution“ using SAP Notes


Companies use today e-accounting solutions to manage their financial data, create invoices and generate documents. This special feature also applies to German companies based in Mexico: they must adapt their e-accounting to the legal requirements of the Mexican tax authority SAT - and inform them regularly about their financial figures. This is a difficult task for many German companies in Mexico, because their SAP systems cannot provide the required financial data uniformly.

abat Mexico: SAP service providers with the necessary know-how

This also affected SAS Automotive Systems with its subsidiary in Mexico. The German supplier commis- sioned abat Mexico to adjust its e-accounting. SAS decided not without reason for abat: abat Mexico has already supported several German customers in the adjustment of e-accounting in SAP nancial modules to the requirements of the Mexican tax authority SAT. An- other reason for the collaboration was the international team of the project: experienced experts from Germany and Mexico work at abat Mexico.

The consultants are familiar with German and Mexican standards. They me- diated without problems between the German parent company of SAS and the local subsidiary in Mexico. This allowed the team to balance the cultural differences and communicate the Mexican requirements in a clear way to Germany. Another advantage for German companies: abat Mexico is linked to the infrastructure of the German abat group. This ensures high quality standards.

Although we are already working with other SAP service providers, we have involved abat Mexico. The reason was the enormous benet. In adapting electronic accounting to SAP Finance, we benet from the unique knowledge and experience of the abat consultants in this area.

Marcus Jentzsch, Head of Finance at SAS Automotive

SAS Automotive Systems & Services SA de CV
in Puebla (Mexico) is a subsidiary of SAS Auto- systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG based in Karlsruhe. The German automotive supplier has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing turnkey interior systems and employs more than 4,200 people worldwide.

Implementation without changing the SAP customer standards

At the start, abat Mexico faced key challenges: the SAP service provider had to implement the legal SAT specifications in the SAP system without affecting the standard template of SAS. In addition, the IT security requirements of the customer had to be taken into account when adapting. The SAP specialists from abat Mexico adapted the e-accounting in the SAS financial modules of SAS by first analyzing the exact requirements and preparing the customer‘s system for the connection. Then, using SAP Notes, they created a „bridge solution“ between the functionalities of SAP and the requirements of SAT.

In a short time, the solution was implemented at SAS Automotive in Puebla without interfering with the existing SAP structures and templates in the company - neither in Mexico nor in the German headquarters. As usual with every SAP project, there was also a test phase as well as documentation and training for the users.

The result: with the solution „e-Accounting for SAP Financial Modules“, SAS is now able to inform the Mexican tax authorities about financial figures. The solution prepares balance sheets and invoices as well as other key figures according to the legal requirements in Mexico, so that they can be transmitted to the authority simply and with few clicks. If the e-accounting is linked to the tax authority, the solution is carried out as a conventional SAP transaction. To avoid errors, the solution provides a preview option to check information before sending to the authority.

The solution can easily be adapted to future legal developments on the part of the Mexican government. Because it follows the SAP logic, it is easy to use and understandable for employees. It causes only a small amount of maintenance.

Advantages of the solution at a glance

  • „E-Accounting for SAP Financial Modules“ is a tool set with a modular structure based on SAP Notes
  • The introduction is carried out with little effort and at special conditions (from SAP ECC 6.0)
  • Financial data can be transmitted to the authority with just a few clicks
  • Solution can be adapted to future developments 
  • Solution follows SAP logic and is easy to use 
  • Solution causes little maintenance costs Company

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