PETROFER incorporates Sustainability Aspects into the Integrated Management System

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PETROFER Chemie H.R. Fischer GmbH + Co KG
Process Chemicals
Hildesheim site
Approx. 300 employees in Hildesheim
Approx. 120 million euros in 2023


PETROFER is one of the world's leading suppliers of high-quality, innovative lubricants and specialty fluids. As a certified process expert, the company supplies customers around the world with a comprehensive range of around 600 premium products.

In a trusting and reliable atmosphere, we were able to gain important and valuable insights into the topic of sustainability and thus acquire the necessary knowledge to organize this topic independently in the future.

Miriam Schmikale ­– Integrated Management System at PETROFER

The challenge

As a responsible company, PETROFER combines the careful use of natural resources and the avoidance of environmental pollution with the continuous improvement of product and service quality. PETROFER already fulfills these requirements in many of its activities, but the company wanted to embed this responsibility structurally and establish a holistic sustainability management system. 

In addition, the demands of various stakeholder groups, such as customers, for the disclosure of sustainability-related information have increased. Sustainability had to be more firmly anchored in the existing management systems, the corporate strategy, the implementation of measures and corporate communications.

The solution

abat provided PETROFER with its own "CSRD-Ready" consulting solution, which was specially tailored to the company's needs. A particular focus of this solution was on emissions accounting. With abat's expertise, all key personnel at PETROFER were comprehensively trained and involved in the process through targeted consulting services, workshops, and coaching sessions. In just 9 months, PETROFER succeeded in firmly integrating sustainability into its management system. The company is now well equipped to respond competently to specific customer requests and other external inquiries related to sustainability.

The project

From the outset, the focus was on a goal-oriented sustainability strategy: the project followed a clearly defined, modular roadmap. As a basis, workshops were held to impart sustainability knowledge to lay the foundation for structured corporate sustainability. The goal was to enable PETROFER to meet future challenges on its own.

The first milestone was the analysis of the current state of strategic and operational sustainability initiatives at PETROFER. Through extensive data collection and interviews with various departments, it became clear that PETROFER had already taken significant steps towards sustainability.

A key component was the stakeholder dialogue and materiality analysis. Both internal and external stakeholders were interviewed. The results were incorporated into a materiality matrix that identified the key sustainability issues at PETROFER.

Based on this data, strategy development was intensified together with the project team and management. At the same time, mechanisms for the future collection and presentation of sustainability data were established.

One focus was on emissions accounting. To determine PETROFER's Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), emissions data was collected and an employee survey on commuting behavior was conducted. This demonstrated the good cooperation between the abat team and PETROFER.

The partnership with abat has continued after the project, with abat's ongoing support being particularly noteworthy. The trusting and committed cooperation has not only helped PETROFER to make progress in terms of sustainability, but has also strengthened the company's self-confidence.


Integration of sustainability into PETROFER's central management system

Proactive adaptation to upcoming legal requirements, particularly the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) for transparent sustainability reporting

Active participation in the German Lubricant Industry Association's "Lubricant Industry Sustainability Initiative" to help shape industry standards for the carbon footprint of lubricants.

The results

Effective partnership with abat: The cooperation between PETROFER and abat has always been characterized by trust, efficiency, and proactive commitment. abat impressed with its fast response times and often went beyond the standard requirements to offer optimal solutions. With the initial support of CSRD-Fit, abat continues to be at PETROFER's side as an expert in sustainability issues.

The joint inventory was very helpful. In addition, we received a good template for determining the CO2 footprint at the Hildesheim site - also for the future!

Ulrike Stümpel – Integrated Management System at PETROFER

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