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The first web-based IDE for HP NonStop

Why you need eddy+

Save up to 60%

in Development Costs

Save valuable time during code creation

Improve quality

Reduce manual steps

Efficient onboarding

Easy development team scaling

Product details

Product Vision

eddy+ is for HP NonStop developers and allows them to easily and comfortably develop, deploy, debug, and maintain C and COBOL code. It is a web-based modern IDE, which simplies communication with the HP NonStop, wrapped in a user-friendly intuitive interface. Contrary to all competing alternatives, eddy+ is easily scalable and doesn’t require costly and time intensive individual client conguration. Additionally, eddy+ offers an integrated user rights management, easy modication for customer specic needs, as well as supporting agile developmental processes.


File Explorer
  • Navigation
    Navigation through directories and files on an HP NonStop with the file system Guardian or OSS.

  • File operations
    Basic operations (create, copy, delete) with files on an HP NonStop with the file system Guardian or OSS.

  • File view
    Open one or more selected files to view the content (read only) with automatic syntax recognition.
File Editor
  • Syntax highlighting
    Syntax highlighting for coding languages C and COBOL.

  • Tab capability
    Open multiple files in different tabs.

  • Single view
    View and edit files in an editor tab.

  • Split view
    View and edit two files simultaneously in an editor tab.

  • Compare mode
    Compare two selected file contents including differnce highlighting.

  • Navigate through COBOL source code
    Navigate through COBOL source code over sections and cursors.

  • Navigate through C source code
    Navigate through C source code over functions.

  • COBOL source code Hyperlinks
    Navigate through COBOL source code Hyperlinks to their corresponding sections and cursors.

  • Tab stops for COBOL source files
    Vertical editor tab stops (read only and write) for COBOL source files.

  • Auto complete
    Auto complete functions for reserved words for coding languages C and COBOL.

  • Search
    Search and replace predefined file contents.

  • Hotkeys
    Predefined key bindings for standard operations during source code development.

  • Source code annotations
    Visual annotations of a source file, which can be expanded on demand..
  • One Click compile
    Start the proprietary NonStop compiler over the web app.

  • Compile error visualization
    Visualize compile errors in relation to source code.

  • Compile error navigation
    Navigation through source code via error list.
  • Initiate the native NonStop debugger
    Initiation of the native NonStop debugger via the web interface.

  • Control the native NonStop debugger
    Interaction with the native NonStop debugger via the web interface.

  • Visualization
    Visual indicator of the current position in the source code.

  • Watches
    Monitoring and manipulation of variable contents in a separate area of the web interface.

  • Breakpoints
    Monitoring and control of breakpoints in a separate area of the web interface.
Terminal emulator
  • Communication with the HP NonStop
    Enter any TACL command via the web interface.
Interchangeable services
  • Additional functionalities
    Interface for customer specific add-ons.


eddy+ is a web application based on the client-server principle. No local installation is required.

Framework React
Editor core Monaco Editor
UI components React Bootstrap, Material UI
Programming language TypeScript
Documentation TypeDoc
Test framework JEST
Communication interface REST-API
Documentation of the REST-API OpenAPI
Programming language Python 3
Test framework PyTest
Persistence MariaDB
Network Protocol Telnet, SSH
File Transfer Protocol FTP, SFTP


eddy+ is a web application that simplifies the development process for HP NonStop. The ap-plication essentially covers the following requirements:

  • Functions of a modern IDE especially for the programming languages C and COBOL
  • Tools for automating of the entire development process
  • Visualization of the interaction with various proprietary HP NonStop applications

eddy+ does not replicate the functions of individual HP NonStop applications, but makes it easier to use them. In addition, the system structures and automates individual steps that are necessary for development on the HP NonStop. eddy+ hereby represents an easily scalable IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for software development on the HP NonStop.

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