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Holistic and flexible: SAP Solutions for the American Market

With an office in Atlanta abatUS represents the abat group in the United States of America. The service offering is primarily geared towards German companies which have a US subsidiary or are planning to open one. abatUS supports OEM’s and suppliers holistically and flexibly with regard to SAP solutions – starting with project planning and conceptualizing all the way to implementation, training and maintenance.
Because abatUS is part of the German abat Group we are capable of servicing our clients in German and English languages.

 Our emphasis is:

  • Consulting and development for Logistics and Automotive
    The abatUS team is specialized in a holistic and flexible approach for SAP consulting services and developing SAP solutions. With the portfolio of abatUS customers can not only exploit their growth potential in the US market but also increase it.
  • Process optimization with SAP solutions
    abatUS supports companies to continuously improve their processes – lowering cost.
  • Application Management Services for SAP – Near- and Offshore
    In close collaboration with the abat offices in Mexico and Belarus, abatUS offers a 24/7 application management service for SAP solutions. Locally German, English and Spanish speaking SAP experts are available.


  • Software development and process planning for Mercedes-Benz Warehouse, Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Project planning, software interface to SAP and SAP certification for an external tax engine by EZTax, Kansas City, MO – one of only four SAP certified providers for tax solutions in the US.
  • Process optimization, user training and providing highly qualified SAP consultant to Weidplas, Auburn, AL – a German manufacturer of plastic components.

Advantages for customers:

  • abatUS consultants know the regional requirements locally as well as in Germany. They are able to implement the SAP solutions running in Germany at US sites even if the systems documentation is only available in German.
  • SAP support is available on 24/7 base.
  • To deliver the best price performance ratio, abatUS collaborates with MEXabat


Are your customer’s needs forcing change in your business process at an accelerated pace? Do you need the agility to respond to these needs or be left behind? Are your internal, functional, and IT resources stretched so thin that you need a trusted partner to provide answers that can be implemented rapidly and with reduced risk. abatUS can be that partner. Our industry experience and expertise will help accelerate the necessary change and lead to solutions with proven Best Practices. Come explore our solutions addressing challenges your business is facing such as:

Digital Transformation

  • Increase Customer Responsiveness & Customer Profitability
  • Integrate plant sensor/ device data with SAP
  • Real time data & visibility for better decision making
  • Increase optimize logistics & provide final mile visibility
  • Reduce manual paperwork/reduce data entry


Automotive OEM and Supplier

Are you an automotive OEM or supplier company facing revolutionary change? The quantity of production variants, Just in Time (JIT) supply chain performance, on-time delivery of critical parts and sub-assemblies, visibility to unplanned events and the agility to respond are just some examples of the challenges driving this intensifying change. If you need a partner to help with these challenges, abatUS has the experience and expertise to help transform your business to effectively and efficiently meet these challenges. abat USA offers Automotive OEM’s and Suppliers innovative industry leading SAP solutions and services.

Logistics and Warehousing

Are Logistics and Warehousing services you provide your customers rising in complexity and criticality? To respond to this increasingly critical and complex environment, accurate and efficient picking and packing of parts in the warehouse and the subsequent visibility of the transportation of these goods to the customer’s dock is a must. abatUS offers the solutions and services to optimize and transform your business to a world class operation. Check out our offerings for Logistics and Warehousing.

Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete Manufacturers in today’s competitive market are under pressure to innovate or miss opportunities to grow. The pace of change demanded by the market is staggering. Are manufacturing process efficiency, product quality, and product variants some of the increasing pressures you are having to deal with to stay ahead of the competition? Do you need a trusted partner who provides industry leading solutions to reduce risk and transform legacy processes? abatUS offers our discrete manufacturing customers practical, proven solutions and services to give you the edge you need.


  • Germany
  • Bremen
  • Oldenburg
  • Munich
  • St. Ingbert
  • Walldorf
  • Wolfsburg
  • Belarus
  • Minsk
  • Lithuania
  • Vilnius
  • Mexico
  • Puebla
  • USA
  • Atlanta, GA

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