Preliminary Study - Re-establish processes, address transformation management, and IT design

A major advantage of implementing SAP S/4HANA as a digital core is that it allows companies to use the latest technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, and other emerging IT technologies. The use of cloud-based solutions is becoming increasingly popular and has taken hold alongside on-premise solutions. However, determining which approach is ideal for a enterprise should be considered on an individual basis. This is by no means a purely IT topic. It is essential that topics such as process governance and the creation of an initial change management action plan to ensure maximum buy-in from employees right from the start through transparency and targeted communication are essential.

So what is the path to these processes?  Eliminate complex system networks and integrate them into SAP?  Truncate old “process braids” in logistics rebuild them in a greenfield approach? Secureestablished internal financial processes as part of a brownfield approach? Keeping some processes while rethinking others is not conceivable without integration capability, future viability checks of the system landscapeaccounting for dependencies between systems, and minimizing changeover risks. As such, many customers opt for a gradual changeover, for example by organizational unit or process cluster. So it's a matter of "How and by what means do I want to execute the strategy?"

How can we support you with the transition to SAP S/4HANA by establishing new processes, transformation management as well as the development of an IT concept?

abat supports individual consulting within the scope of a pre-project (extended Discovery phase after Activate) to identify the individual building blocks. This is done with the right tools and methods, e.g. value checks or a system deep dive based on state-of-the-art processes preconfigured in a prototype system. This allows a validation of the gut feelings. An SAP S/4HANA evaluation matrix can be used to systematically record the pros and cons of all stakeholders. With this, facts can be quantifiably compared and a reliable roadmap can be created.

Did we pique your interest? We are happy to show you the possibilities and potential in a tailored approach for your company.

With abat AG, we were able to develop our S/4 roadmap in a short time with a clear picture of the next necessary steps as well as the opportunities with S/4HANA - despite working remotely, across several international locations, during the pandemic.

Martin Schaub (Südzucker)

Our Success Stories

Imperial Logistics

Integrated Warehouse and Transportation with SAP S/4HANA

Greenfield implementation of a logistics template in the chemical industry. Imperial Logistics is a pioneer in the use of embedded EWM and TM integration in S/4HANA on Release 1709.

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SAS Automotive Systems

e-Accounting meets the requirements of the Mexican tax authorities

German companies based in Mexico must also adapt their e-accounting to the legal requirements of the Mexican tax authority SAT - and provide information on their key financial figures.

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Our customers

Our SMARTsolution

Conversion Accelerator

The abat S/4HANA Conversion Accelerator bundles our knowledge of existing SAP systems as well as our experience and tools from numerous S/4HANA conversion projects.

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Our transformationCOMPASS

7 important answers for a smooth transformation.
What you should know about your SAP S/4HANA conversion in any case. Use our free transformationCOMPASS to get the first important clues about your transformation project.

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SAP Developer

What I find most attractive working at abat is the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We are coworkers as well as friends. I can ask any question and always receive constructive feedback. Moreover, it is highly encouraged to try new things, which helps broaden the horizon for me and the company alike.


SAP Consultant

I truly enjoy working at abat. The flexible working environment and professional colleagues have made my experience here exceptional. The culture of collaboration and willingness to offer help has allowed me to develop my skills in SAP. Overall, I feel grateful to be a part of such a supportive and dynamic team



I like working at abat because there is a very pleasant, appreciative working atmosphere here with a lot of freedom. There is a lot of trust, so you also have the freedom to try out something new - but if it doesn't work out, there is also the necessary support. That's how I've learned so much! In addition, if you have problems while working in the home office, you can often quickly find colleagues who are happy to help you out via teams.


Senior SAP Developer

At abat, thanks to the great variety of projects, I have the opportunity to constantly expand my horizons and thus always be prepared for upcoming challenges.


Internal Service

Through abat, I have been able to develop personally and get to know the practice better. I always have the opportunity to learn new and exciting things, through which I constantly grow beyond myself.

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