Free space is always individual, from colleague to colleague, from team to team, from customer to customer. Here we show examples of individual free space implementations - become a part of it!

Then take Friday off

We love flexitime. After all, work isn't everything. What's important to us is that you can implement your projects within the framework of the agreed goals. We have created the conditions for this freedom by catering to the personal wishes and needs of our employees. Of course, this is subject to the condition that the project team and customer work do not suffer as a result and that colleagues, superiors and customers agree. And that's been working pretty well for 20 years: We were already familiar with New Work and New Leadership when these buzzwords didn't even exist.

New Work works particularly well when processes, methods, tools and the little tips and tricks of everyday project work come together. Since our founding, we have gained a lot of experience in how New Work works in a project - for example at Mercedes-Benz, nobilia, Südzucker and VW.

We pass on this experience to all our employees in our onboarding workshops and further training measures, among other things. If you want to learn more, download our whitepaper at the end.

Collect hours or vacation - possible with us

This knowledge and the agreement with your team and the customers allows our employees to manage their time very flexibly. What does this look like? By accumulating hours, for example. You work 40 hours in four days and then take Friday off.

Or you allow yourself a longer break to make your dream come true. Sounds too good to be true? Find out below how our colleagues Isabella and Sandra experience this flexibility.

Our vacancies

Ski instructor training besides the job

Let's ask our ski instructor from the deep west, Isabella, about this. She used this model to fulfill her dream of hitting the slopes in her spare time. "I was told something in the interview about guardrails, about being pretty flexible here and accommodating employees' personal situations. And I thought that might be a show." It was, but in a different way than Isabella thought at the time: the abat consultant based near Heinsberg fulfilled her heart's desire - to train as a ski instructor in the Austrian Alps.

Isabella, SAP senior consultant at abat since 2017

Isabella, in her spare time: ski instructor.

And it came like this: "I said, 'Boss, I'm serious.' The next day, an email came with the answer 'Have fun as a ski instructor' and the casual question of when the training would take place." To make a long story short: Isabella got an offer to work remotely and get her ski instructor's license on the side. "I worked half the day for two months, mainly through teams, and was on the slopes in the afternoon. It worked out wonderfully." More than that, Isabella also got her marriage proposal in the snow - in Sölden, Tyrol, at 3,000 meters above sea level, while skiing. Congratulations, dear Isabella.

If you want to know how you too can get more out of your time, download our whitepaper.

Here you will find tips & tricks that will help you:

  • manage your time correctly
  • prioritize your tasks
  • free up your mind

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Work and family under one hat

One step further in life planning is our new mother Sandra, who came back to us after a short detour to another company. "The nice thing here is that there really is a whole company behind you. When my daughter was born about a year and a half ago, I doubted that working as a consultant and having children would go together. As a consultant, you're usually on the road a lot."

Usually. It was different for Sandra. She reduced her working hours to a 30-hour week because she simply wanted to be a mom, too, and be there for her daughter. And that works. Sandra can schedule her meetings so that she can pick up her little one from daycare. She was most impressed by the comment from abat management when the baby was on the way: "We'll make it work."

Sandra, SAP senior consultant at abat since 2012.

How does Sandra reconcile work and family? In addition to the flexibility of her colleagues, good planning plays a key role. "Of course I also have meetings, but I plan them so that they fit into the time slot. A little trick: Times when you can't take on a task under any circumstances should be blocked out for the entire year in the public calendar for all colleagues to see, so that no one gets the idea of scheduling this sacred time.

If you want to learn more about how to plan time and appointments effectively, get our tips and tricks here.

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