Free space is always individual, from colleague to colleague, from team to team, from customer to customer. Here we show examples of individual free space implementations - become a part of it!

You must be eleven friends! Are you part of it?

Life as a consultant is hectic, they say. It consists of 60-hour weeks and an elbow mentality, they say. Maybe, but not for us. We don't believe in competition among colleagues, time clocks and management manuals about top-down hierarchies.

At our company, no one works against each other: openness, honesty, respect and teamwork pay off. Always. That's also one of the reasons why we ourselves take on the projects that no one dares to tackle. Because we know that everyone can rely on everyone else.

One for all, all for one

The team concept has been firmly integrated into our corporate culture from the very beginning. With us, you can rely on your colleagues.

We keep it like the three musketeers: "One for all, all for one." Don't think so? Then ask our soccer enthusiast Maximilian.

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Understanding of private commitments

Maximilian has been working in Business Development at abat in Sankt Ingbert since 2021: "I am passionate about soccer. If there is a training session or a match day, I can put my meetings around it and leave earlier. Then there are no more appointments after 4 p.m."

Very important: He is assured of the support of his abat comrades. Maximilian: "At abat, team also means showing understanding for each other's private matters and respecting the fact that you also have other obligations." A completely new experience for Maximilian: At his old employer he had a nine-to-five job - "here in St. Ingbert we have flexible working hours".

Maximilian, Business Development employee at abat in St. Ingbert since 2021

Maximilian, in his spare time: volunteer soccer coach

Trust is the foundation

Of course, this flexibility only works if everyone works hand in hand and customers and colleagues agree. Regular standup meetings, discipline in processes and agreements, and maximum project transparency are the basis for this - and of course open communication built on trust.

To ensure that these basics are clear from the start, new employees receive a thorough introduction as part of our new@abat onboarding program. During this process, new employees* are familiarized with the teams, tools and techniques they need to quickly gain a foothold with us.

As a general rule:
We place a lot of emphasis on team events and joint events, whether virtual or on-site.
We are a big team where everyone can and even should contribute their individual strengths and interests.

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  • Why diverse teams are more effective
  • Why you need a culture of error
  • what to do in case of conflict

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Teamwork gives everyone more freedom

Take Marcel, SAP senior consultant at abat in Bremen, for example. In addition to his professional work, Marcel travels to large public events several times a year. His hobby began with friends in 2019: "Back then, we set up our own festival, which sold out immediately." Since then, Marcel has been involved with the technology at large events throughout Europe, such as TabulaRaaza in Oldenburg, where sometimes more than 20,000 people come together. Marcel is given the necessary freedom for his commitment, even if organizing technical matters or communicating with a wide variety of technical service providers at events sometimes takes up a little more time:

Marcel Kuchler

Marcel, SAP senior consultant at abat since 2018

Marcel, in his spare time: event organizer

"At first, I thought I had to spend my 40 hours sitting at the computer. In fact, I'm pretty free and can often decide for myself how and when I schedule my client appointments, thanks in part to my project teams, in which we have each other's backs." What's important at abat, he says, is the result: "As long as the result is right, I'm flexible in how I structure my work. Which way to go about it and how to do it is up to us - provided the team, the project managers and the client agree."

If you want to improve your team skills, get our tips and tricks here.

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